Love story between a furnace and a can of fish

I should have known better than try to tidy up my apartment.

I appear somehow to have dropped a can of tuna behind the furnace.

How in the world did this happen, you might ask? Well such are the wonders of living in a basement apartment. No one actually DESIGNED the space, it just kind of IS.

So one wall of my pantry shares a wall with the furnace. Up at the top of that wall on the  top right hand shelf there is a hole.

Why is there a hole? I have no idea. But there is.

So as I went to put “Jackie’s little toolbox” up on that top shelf this evening I heard a clatter.


I did some investigating and found a can of tuna had dropped through the hole, in-behind the furnace.

I tried to rescue the poor can of tuna with a broom and accidentally pushed it further behind the furnace.

I tried again… AND THEN IT BURNT ME.

Clearly the furnace is very hungry and/or has bonded with the can of tuna.

Screw them both. They deserve one another. I, on the other hand am maimed for life.

And down a can of fish.

Also? What happens when a can of tuna reaches 30 degrees Celsius? It looks like it’s really cozied up in there.


4 Responses to “Love story between a furnace and a can of fish”

  1. Mom Says:

    At least the tuna can was not open!!!

  2. Megan Says:

    Yeah, this could have been MUCH worse.

  3. fAYE cLOW Says:

    I love your new photo of the dogs and snowshoeing. Your Dad was wondering if you had a photo of this with the dogs


  4. sister Says:

    I’m glad you cant smell the internet

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