The Rankin parka

I broke out the Rankin parka today.

It’s the one I had made for me the last winter I lived there. It’s far too big now, and I feel like such a spectacle when I wear it, but it’s warm. And the fur hood cuts the wind, as it should.

It’s funny, when I got my coworker Betty to make it, I told her I wanted it to be a “light” jacket, so I could wear it down south when I left.

Now my “lightest” jacket in Rankin is probably my “warmest” jacket in Kelowna.

And just for fun — the most hilarious weather-related article I’ve read in a long time. Yes, people in B.C (the southern half at least) are giant weather wussies.

But a point of clarification: we in the “interior” like to think we’re better than those guys “on the coast.”


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