The perfect spot

One of the things I really regret about the time I spent in the north, was not buying more local art. At the time, I citied lack of funds — which was true. But in hindsight I wish I had saved up a couple hundred dollars here and there and bought more carvings or a nice wall hanging or jewelry.

I have a couple really small carvings — including my legendary “leaning Inukshuk.” It’s probably the saddest soapstone carving in the history of the world, but I could afford it.

When I left Rankin Inlet, my coworkers had a little going-away potluck for me. They pitched in and got me a nice little bag, sewn by a relative.

Afterwards, Betty — the coworker I was probably closest to — took me aside. She pressed a small grey velvet box into my hand.

Inside was this: 

The photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a beautiful Inukshuk brooch, about two inches high. I’m not sure if it’s soapstone or ivory, but it’s lovely. I nearly cried. It was totally Betty to do something like that. Go the extra mile, but without expecting anything in return. She’s one of the most generous women I have known.

For two and a half years, it’s sat in my jewellery box. I would take it out and admire it from time to time, but never knew how to wear it.

This Christmas my mom lent me a festive penguin to pin to my coat while I was home.

After I returned it to her, my jacket felt naked. Too plain.

This morning, it dawned on me. The Inukshuk. The left hand breast pocket. The perfect spot.

6 Responses to “The perfect spot”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I’m with you on wishing I had bought more art and carvings. We have a few carvings, but not nearly as many as I’d like. And a wall hanging. I wish so much I had bought one. Maybe if we ever get back for a visit.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Hey Andrea!
      You know what else I regret not doing? I don’t have a photo of the big inukshuk in town. I don’t know how I managed to live there for 2 years without doing so. I think I might have one from the side, but not the class “standing between the legs” shot.
      Oh well.
      Just means we’ll have to make a POINT of visiting, rather than just saying so, right?

      • Andrea Says:

        I did get an awesome pic of the inukshuk, with the 4 of us in it even. But now there’s Lukie, so yup, definitely need to visit and get one of all 5 of us!

  2. mom Says:

    I like the style of your blog better than the one you had before Christmas. You did cchange it didn’t you?

    I think I have a photo of the big INUKSHUK in Rankin. Will search for it

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      I did change it, I wanted a sans serif font, and the only way to do that was change the whole look. Ah well. It is ‘cleaner’ looking

  3. Elise Says:

    Considering that “inukshuk” means “in the shape of a man”, a leaning one might be rather apt. I’m not into northern art myself, but some day I hope to afford two small narwhal teeth – one for me, one for my brother.

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