Ice puddle inkblot diagram

I promised my sister I would mention her in a blog post. She was upset that she didn’t get a shout-out in the last entry. For the record, Danielle was at Pizza Delight, and she and I split a donair pizza and garlic fingers.

For people who don’t know what a donair pizza is, you’ve never lived. It’s amazing. It’s pretty much the best use of donair sauce I can imagine.

But I digress.

I have been hiding out at her cottage in North Cape, PEI for the past couple of days. It’s just outside the grand metropolis of Tignish (not Tigernish, as my autocorrect would like you to believe). Tignish is population 800. There is a Co-op store that closes at 6 p.m. and apparently everyone hangs out and drinks coffee in the parking lot at “Eugene’s” (?) — the local convenience store.

In any case, it’s got a rustic beauty, great for inspiring the pseudo-photographer in me, if only the wind and snow would let up a bit so I could actually play with the settings on my camera. Danielle jokes that my photo subjects are very “American Beauty”-esque, and she’s probably right. I do tend to be drawn to a “beauty in everyday things” sort of theme.

In any case, this makes me think of an ice puddle inkblot diagram.


4 Responses to “Ice puddle inkblot diagram”

  1. mom Says:

    I like this photo…Look at the red soil shining through

  2. kara Says:

    I see a one eyed zombie! 🙂

  3. karrijustina Says:

    Jackie, I’ve just spent… well… a bunch of time catching up with your blog. It makes me miss you! I just have to say… what the heck were you doing in Tignish? 🙂

    Eugene’s, yes, true, and then there’s Judy’s across the street. 😛

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Danielle lives in North Cape now!!!
      And funny story, when I was visiting her, I spared with her curling team. They play at the rink in O’Leary.
      I saw your Dad’s name on the wall and was like… I wonder if that’s THE Claude Shea…
      But then I remembered it was PEI and there was NO WAY it WASN’T him.

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