Hockey math

I spent January 2nd, 2012 calculating how many hockey teams per capita there are between the two countries. 


There are 30 hockey teams in the NHL.


23 are in the US

7 are in Canada


307,000,000 = population of US

34,000,000 = population of Canada


307,000,000 / 23 teams = 13 million people/hockey team

34,000,000 / 7 teams = 4.8 million people/hockey team


Now wasn’t that fun?


I don’t even really care about hockey.


Also? For the first year in what must be almost a decade, my grandmother hosted a New Years Day (plus one day late) dinner. 

A sprint of salmon, scallops and many many many buckets of potatoes and carrots. The french eat marathon-style. It takes 3 hours to eat 7 courses. The Scots are worried someone might take the food from them, or there might be a famine of some sort. So we eat as much food as possible, as quickly as possible. 

2 Responses to “Hockey math”

  1. bob Says:

    That was dumb

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