You know you’ve become one of “them” when…

You start buying things like this:

You see, about two weeks ago, one dreary afternoon after work (because I have afternoons off these days, more on that some other time), I walked into a Bell store fully committed to the idea that It Was Time.

I had been a good, Canadian, RIM supporter for two years … but the blackberry was getting old. I was no longer in awe over how “seamless” it worked (what? You can just click on someone’s number in an email and it will AUTODIAL!?!).

I had been wooed by the iPhone I had for work (phone 3 of 3) and was in withdrawal after I had to hand it over to my successor.

So I walked into Bell knowing exactly what I wanted, as I always do. I’m either a godsend or hell to sales associates. I’m not sure yet.

I wrangled me a sales guy, told him what I wanted. And for half an hour he argued with me.

Yes I knew the new iPhone was coming out in less than a week. No I didn’t care that your Android phone has a fun screen. I. Know. What. I. Want. You-infuriating-man-with-gorgeous-blue-eyes. At one point I even said to him “don’t you WANT my money??”

In the end I walked out of the store empty handed. He refused to sell me the phone I wanted.

Two days later I went to a kiosk in a mall in Vancouver and bought it anyway. Turns out he was wrong up and down. Waiting for the new phone announcement made no difference. The price didn’t go down on the iPhone 4. There was no reason for me to splurge on the 4S. And I still have no desire to buy a Samsung Galaxy (I owned a Samsung before my Blackberry. It was organized in the most counter-intuitive way possible).

So in the end I bought an iPhone. And the man-with-the-gorgeous-blue-eyes lost out on his commission.

And I’ve become one of those people who buys special Wired magazine editions about the world’s best apps… magazines that cost one-tenth of what I paid for my phone.

Also? I wrote this entire entry using the wordpress app. And I think that’s kinda cool. Feel free to roll your eyes. I’m a gadget nerd.


One Response to “You know you’ve become one of “them” when…”

  1. Edith MacDonald Says:

    I can’t believe that the salesman would allow himself to lose out on a sale due to his persistence that you buy the new phone. You were precise on what you wanted. You did not waiver on your request. I’m glad you walked out and didn’t give him a sale. He didn’t deserve one. I’m also glad that you were able to make a purchase for what you did want.

    Have been missing your updates on your blog lately. Great to have you back.


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