How my blog got me a job

Well maybe.

The jury is still out on that one, but it most definitely ‘groomed’ me for my new job.

As of next month, I’m going to be a ‘digital reporter/editor’. Whatever that truly means is beyond me, but what it seems to mean, in part, is I will be managing our local CBC website.

And guess what, it uses a blogging platform.

So somehow, in the strange world of the web, blogging (albiet not very regularly at times) over the past 5 years has put me in the perfect position to take this on.

Our website has been ‘live’ for 1 day and it already looks better than the ones being done out of Vancouver. Maybe that’s cocky, but it’s the truth.



Pictures, people. Pictures make the difference.



4 Responses to “How my blog got me a job”

  1. Megan Says:


  2. Edith MacDonald Says:

    Congratulations Jackie!! I think this a great fit for you.

  3. sister Says:

    So it may have taken months for me to see this- but you are right. The pictures make all the difference. It looks great.

  4. Jobs in Cyprus Says:

    Well done! Congratulations

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