Just a phone

As a girl who has recently been given a iPhone for work (and who now has to carry THREE- that’s right THREE- cell phones around everywhere) I am a little nostalgic lately for the dates of the simple phone.

I remember when my dad had one of the original Motorola flip phones for the job he was doing at the time. I remember fighting with my sister over it. I seem to remember playing games on it, but that seems a little advanced.


Now there’s this. John’s Phone.

No texting. No screen. One ringtone. 3 weeks standby time.

Kind of refreshing eh?

3 Responses to “Just a phone”

  1. kara Says:

    You carry three and we have still yet to own a cell phone! My grandfather in his 80’s has one, and we still don’t which I find hilarious!!

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    I hate that I carry three. Two blackberries and an iphone. It’s totally excessive. At least two are for work, I guess.

  3. Faye Says:

    This is a clearer blog. By the way we still have that phone of your own

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