The romantic tree stump

I have this picture as the desktop background on my home computer these days, and I wanted to share it with y’all.

There’s something about the way the light is hitting that heart-shaped tree stump that is just magical. And I didn’t touch it in Photoshop, didn’t even crop it.

Kudos to my mom for pointing it out to me.What’s even more amazing is just a foot or so away, was another heart-shaped stump. But the photo didn’t turn out as well.

It was taken just before Christmas in PEI at the Christmas Tree farm where the fam has gone for the past number of years to pick out our tree. We bundle up in our wool coats and winter boots and stomp through the farm hunting for the perfect tree. There’s just something about doing it yourself, you know?

2 Responses to “The romantic tree stump”

  1. Mom Says:

    I forgot all about this. Your photo turned out great. Perfect timimg for Valentine’s day

  2. Edith MacDonald Says:

    Beautiful shot Jackie. Well worth perserving with the camera. Most people would not take any notice of it.


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