Taking a leaf out of NTV’s book

One of the funny, but not all that surprising parts of cable television in Rankin Inlet (and I expect other parts of Nunavut as well) was the inclusion of Newfoundland Television (NTV). Funny, because it is/was a really low-budget station from half a country away, but not surprising because of the sheer density of Newfoundlanders up north.

One of NTV’s trademarks was its random filler music videos. Almost every commercial break, at the very end, they would play about 40 seconds of a song/music video. Always ending abruptly before the show resumed.

I don’t totally know why they did this, I figured maybe they didn’t have to pay royalties if they only played a segment of the song. Maybe it was an easier way of timing out the commercials, who knows.

But now MTV (Canada) is doing it too. The channel really doesn’t show any music videos anymore. Just reality TV about short orange italians. And pregnant 16 year olds. And they’ve gotten in trouble with the CRTC for it too. But what they ARE doing now is “promoing” music videos, by showing 40 second clips, and then directing people to their web site to see the full song.

It’s exactly what NTV has been doing for years. But with more web traffic as a possible bonus.

2 Responses to “Taking a leaf out of NTV’s book”

  1. Megan Says:

    It’s not really a great sign. It means they’re not selling enough commercials.

    TV shows are sold with ad blocks built in. The hour-long show itself is actually about 45 minutes long. To stay on time, each commercial break must be filled, even if the advertising department hasn’t been able to sell all of that time.

    Most networks fill the time with promos for their other shows (or, in the case of CBC, just with obnoxious ads for Being Erica). For some reason, NTV has always had more time than it can fill with ads or promos, so it just runs music videos. I’m guessing that the music rights are cheaper than the cost of creating promos for their other shows. During late-night shows like SNL, there are no commercials at all; just music videos.

    NTV’s got a captive audience that’s not going anywhere, but if a specialty cable channel like MTV Canada is doing the same thing, my guess is that they’ll be off the air within a year.

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