Jackie, meet wagon. Wagon, Jackie

Right around Hell Week* and shortly after writing this post, I fell off the wagon. I was still totally 100% dedicated to the play (probably, this was the problem?) but suddenly had no time for running.

And being as I’m the most reluctant runner on the planet (seriously, I hate it, but I do it. Once I do it, I hate it a little bit less. That is until I reach the three-quarters point. Then I hate it again) I let it slide.

I let it slide for two weeks. Maybe three. Either way, I was annoyed at my lazy butt and sad that I had put in months of work, only to fall out of it all because I couldn’t find the time.

Saturday, my running buddy called me and insisted I go out with her and another woman Sunday morning. I don’t DO Sunday morning, and I had plans to be moping around the house all day because it was the day after the finale of the play and it was time for me to go in withdrawl.

But I felt guilty. So I went. I went thinking that I probably couldn’t do what they were doing** I stopped running at about 8 and 1, and the girls were keep on ‘keeping up’ with their 10 and 1s. There was no way I was going to be able to do that. You’d have to dangle a fry dipped in mayo in front of me the whole way for that to happen.

But as we got going — I couldn’t believe it, my body remembered endurance. I was able to do the 10 and 1s with little problem. It was like riding a bike (but easier — because I recently started riding my bike to work and it took more time for me to remember how that worked).

So there’s a lesson to be learned in all this, at least for me.

The hardest part of getting back on the wagon is deciding you want to get back on. It’s very very very easy to convince yourself that you can’t, or that you’ll get a splinter or something equally ridiculous (the wagon in my mind of course looks more like a wheel barrow than anything else). But once you start, it’s a helluva lot easier to do it than you think.

Mind over matter, right?

Listening to: Sarah Harmer – All of Our Names.

*Hell week is what us drama folks generally call the week leading up to the premiere of a show. It generally involves rehearsals every day of the week for hours on end. It’s when you either really bond with the people you are working with, or start to hate them. Luckily for me, it was the former.

** For those who care, the way the Running Room training programs go, is you start off small: 2 minutes walking, 1 minute running for 5 rotations. Then 1 and 1 for 10 rotations, 1 min walking, 2 min running and so on.


4 Responses to “Jackie, meet wagon. Wagon, Jackie”

  1. Renea Says:

    Will we see you this Sunday for a run of 5 & 1’s x 3?

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Boo 5 and 1!
    Probably, though. My acting clinic was cancelled last-minute Friday afternoon, so assuming I can get my butt out of bed, I will be @ the running room tomorrow AM.

    Also: welcome to the blog!

  3. fawn Says:

    The part I hated most before opening night was tech rehearsals. Endless repetitions of the same scene over and over again to make sure the lights are coming on at the right time, the music starts just right, the sound cues are set…argh! There would definitely be some bitchy starting to surface by the end!

    Glad to hear that getting back on the wagon has gone so smoothly. I’m a procrastinator, myself!

  4. Renea Says:

    The wagon missed picking Jackie up this morning :p

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