Activity overload

You know, it became a bit of a family joke when I couple of months ago I went from not at all being involved in anything in Kelowna to joining a running club and working on a play in the span of a couple weeks.

There was no ramping up, no gradual inclusion of extra-curriculars. I went from sitting at home after work and on the weekends 7 days a week, to rehersals and production meetings on Sundays, running on Mondays, rehersals on Tuesdays, running on Wednesdays, rehersals on Thursdays, running on Fridays, and spending Saturdays in a vegetative coma.

I seriously have not been this busy since high school, when I decided I needed to participate in every single club and organization because that’s what universities wanted to see (and I wanted to do everything and couldn’t bear to have one part of my ‘self’ left out).

But man oh man, am I ever beat. I’ve been leaving the house at 830 every morning, and not coming back until 10 every night for weeks (though got a bit of a break when the parents were here last month). It’s been horrible for the pup, but I keep telling myself it’s not that bad. I’ll be living in a place so close to work any day now… but that brings up another problem.

I probably picked the worst month ever to be moving. Everything else is coming to a head at the same time. We’re up to 8min running/1 min walking for the running club. The show opens in a week, and we’ll be rehearsing just about every night until then, and then we do a show every Thursday, Friday, Saturday (two– one matinee and one evening show) and Sunday for three weeks, including Thanksgiving weekend. Oh, and I’m assistant stage manager, so I basically have to be there.

I’m just so tired. I love it, but I’m just so tired. And auditions for the Christmas production are this weekend. It’s Peter Pan, and it’s got a huge ensemble cast, so I have a better shot of making the show than I did last time around (let’s be honest, I’m hardly a soloist and The Fabulous Fifties is a cabaret-style play).

But I don’t know if I can keep this all up. I was thinking of doing a 5k running clinic after this one and that’s a lot on my plate.

But what else could I be doing that I’m not right now, that I WANT to be? Other then spending more quality time in my bed and with my dog…

Truth be told, I’m not very good at saying “when”

One Response to “Activity overload”

  1. Mom Says:

    Don’t forget to eat nutritious food. Glad to hear you are busy. Have fun with the weekend move


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