Moving, Touristing, Rafting

  • I’m moving! Yes, some of you know this, through my Twitter hints over the past couple of weeks. Most people hate moving, and I guess maybe I don’t actually love the physical moving process, but I do love the searching for a new apartment, falling in love with a new place and then spending the next number of days drawing up blueprints for the various room layouts and scanning for furniture ideas. I’m going from a 2-bedroom, 2 bath, sub-800 square foot apartment where the dog isn’t allowed to walk on the grass (or I’ll be fined) to a 1100 square foot, 1-bedroom basement apartment with a fenced yard and a landlord who loves Sully. Also? It’s a 30 minute walk to downtown and work. I’m so excited, and can start moving in on the 15th of September. I love the view here, it’s gorgeous living on a golf course overlooking the lake and the mountains, but this is what the pup and I NEED. And it’s cheaper 🙂
  • Did I mention the parental units are in town? I’ve had the past week off work (even though all hell seems to have broke loose since I left — I’m so irreplacable :P) and we’ve been doodling around, seeing the sights. I’ve not really done a whole lot of the tourist thing since I got here, I’ve been saving it up for when I’ve had company. Later today, we’re going to take part in Kelowna’s national passtime: floating. Aka, sitting in an inner tube as the water in the Penticton canal pushes you along.
  • The hardest decision I’ve had to make all week has been where Dad and I will go water rafting. Way back in the day, when the family made our first trip to BC when I was 16 or 17, we went rafting on the Nalahatch and had a killer time. I still wear the t-shirt that lists all the rapids we went through. I was looking at going with REO again this year, but I think it’s maybe a bit too far away. Most of the rafting is on the Thompson or Fraser rivers, easily a 3-4 hour drive from Kelowna. Apparently Lake Okanagan doesn’t have rapids, go figure. I think I’ve decided on one out of Lytton (Hyak, for those who care) but we’ll see.
  • In the middle of all this, I’m somehow trying to squeeze in (and failing) rehersals for an upcoming cabaret/musical show in Kelowna. I’m “just” working backstage — Assistant Stage Manager/Props, thankyouverymuch. It opens September 23rd, and we have shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday x2 (matinee and evening) and Sunday for three weeks. I think I’m going to need a vacation after all that, especially since I’m supposed to be moving in the middle of it. Yikes. Should have planned that one better…

One Response to “Moving, Touristing, Rafting”

  1. Edith MacDonald Says:


    Have fun showing your parents around. I’m sure they were happy to do a preview of your new home.


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