One little tomato

“Listen, I’m just one little tomato in this salad with some cool, cool, cucumbers”

– Ellen Page, Q, August 11-2010

Ellen Page on Q

I’m a bit behind the times, I know, but I just saw Inception.

I refuse to tell you people too much about it, but I will say this:

  • I will forever be a giant Ellen Page fanboy. She is so bright — you need to listen to the interview to really get the quote above, it just kind of ‘proves’ how quick-witted she is. And that might as well be the highest compliment there is, in my book. Also? And I didn’t know this until after writing this post, and went back to retrieve the audio link — JON FROM  JONOVISION IS DOING THE INTERVIEW. See? Once on CBC, always on CBC.
  • I genuinely think Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor — Titanic being the exception
  • The only reason I go to movies, I think, these days is for the “theatre experience” and Inception is one of those movies when you could feel everyone in the audience holding their breath. I, on the other hand, had twisted myself into a pretzel in anxiety and anticipation, and think I sprained something
  • There was a lot of swearing at the end of the movie. I will not say why, but there were a lot of happily annoyed people


3 Responses to “One little tomato”

  1. sister Says:

    Did you not love Ellen Page before this moment?
    Shes so fantastic!
    Super indie and versatile (despite being 5″1).
    I heart her.

    Ill def go see that movie – whether in theatres or with Ronnie.
    miss you

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    I loved her before, but it just confirmed it!
    Also? I love how people reading your comment might think Ronnie is your boyfriend — not your laptop.

    **waving at you!!**

  3. Edith MacDonald Says:

    Hi Jackie:

    How are Mom and Dad getting along during their visit? Hope you are all having fun!

    Cousin Edith

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