TV debut

Posting this now.

Note time stamp (oh yah, I don’t have one, it’s after 3am).

We’ll talk more about this later.

PS, it’s only available on the web for 24 hrs, hope to find a more permanent home for it somewhere — or if anyone knows how to capture video from and save it to computer, please let me know.


(Also? I have crazy eyes and don’t like looking into the camera lens)


4 Responses to “TV debut”

  1. darcy Says:

    Way cool. I’m disappointed I missed it seeing as I’m only an hour ahead of you here and I do tune into CBC Vancouver every so often.

  2. racingto50 Says:

    I got to see it and you did great!

  3. geri Says:

    Hi Jackie !! You were super…excellent voice modulation, word choices and overall perfect professional presentation :)…look forward to the next TV debut !!

  4. Sarah Says:

    It was great to “see” you again! Great spot, loved the firey background and your expressive (not crazy) eyes! Stay safe there!

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