My love-hate relationship with books

I’ve reached this really tricky point in my reading life.

I’m starting to read GOOD BOOKS.

And every time I read a GOOD BOOK I start this strange cycle. I don’t plow through the chapters like I would a Dan Brown novel…

I savour every word. Because every word is chosen for a reason, and says something special.

So on I go, tasting each word, swirling it around in my mouth for about 10 seconds before swallowing…

Until I get about 4/5ths of the way through the book. That’s when I hit this point where I’m overwhelmed with sadness.

The book is almost done. Soon, there will be no more new pages in this book. I will have to find a NEW book and hope one can hold a candle to the one I’m reading right now.

Sometimes, I get so depressed over the ending of a good book… I’ll just stop reading.

I did this with Eat Pray Love. I stopped reading it for probably a month or more because I didn’t know what I was going to do afterwards, and didn’t want to “lose” it as a companion.

I just finished the best Canadian book I’ve ever read. It’s by a young Newfoundland author by the name of Jessica Grant. I heard about it oh Shelagh Rogers’  The Next Chapter one day when I was driving from Penticton to Kelowna when I first moved here last fall.

Actually, it was the day I saw and wrote this little entry.

People have asked me what the book is about since, but I never do it justice. You really need to hear the author describe it herself.

This is Jessica Grant interview with Shelagh Rogers. If you have the time or interest, give it a listen. I was so captivated by the idea I immediately went out and bought the book. In hardcover (It took me until this summer to crack the cover though).

It’s since won’s First Novel Award.

2 Responses to “My love-hate relationship with books”

  1. geri Says:

    Jackie…gonna get this book in my hands somehow…did some searching after I read your blog….sounds fab…have a good weekend !!

  2. Faye Says:

    I think Eat Pray Love is a movie in August. Not sure whether you still insist on reading the book before the movie but if so you will be able to go to this one.

    Glad to see you’ve found some books you enjoy again


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