Quiet house

The pup and I are feeling lonely today. He’s shuffling around with less enthusiasm than before, and half-heartedly squeaking his little red dog toy.

I just dropped my sister off at the airport, and it was a sad time. Now, I’m fighting back tears because it’ll be months before I see her again.

I’m really lucky, I know I am. Not everyone has as bizarre and random a relationship with their sister as I do, and I love it. Each time we get together, we discover just a bit more how similar we really are. How we have the exact same sense of humour, thought processes, anxieties (though mine, maybe a bit more extreme than hers, haha — “you worry too much about things you can’t change” may have been Danielle’s mantra this weekend).

We don’t get along all of the time, of course. There was a point this week when we both just had a little too much of one another, and started fighting over a silly little comment one of us had made. But that was short-lived.

What really kills me though, is how far apart we’ve always been — geographic-ly. We’ve not been in the same province for more than a month or two since I graduated high school. I even missed her prom and graduation because I was in France that summer (and never have forgiven myself). It just breaks my heart that two sisters who get along so well, and have so much in common, and who really could use one another in their lives a little bit more ….

Are separated by 4000 kilometers and 3 time zones.

Miss you, DD. Come back soon?

Kelowna beach day (13)


3 Responses to “Quiet house”

  1. sister Says:

    i wish i could be there NOW
    partly because i miss you and partly because its approx 44 degrees here today.

    but mostly because i miss you

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    It’s 35 here today, but it’s actually bearable (there is something to what they say about “dry heat” being way easier to handle than “humidity”).
    But please come back.
    Sully’s not the same without you 😦

  3. sister Says:

    im pretty sure ive never experienced this “dry heat” people speak. of. or a “dry cold”

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