Playing tourist

So my younger sister, Danielle is in town this week for a visit. I have the whole time off, thanks to some mega-overtime during the Oliver mudslides.

So I’m having my very first stay-cation. Originally, I thought we’d do more travelling through BC, but turns out she’s perfectly happy to see some of the sights in and around Kelowna.

So far, that’s been the beach… (she lives in Montreal, and doesn’t have much access to a good ole fashioned swimmin’ hole) I somehow managed to come down with a horrendous cold the first day she arrived, and was zero fun whatsoever. But we’ve been making up for lost time. Today we checked out Mission Hill winery, which has some spectacular views.

The bell tower at Mission Hill. I can see this from my balcony and hear it chime from inside my house on Sundays.

And Danielle’s quite taken with dear Sully — though, who are we kidding. He’s a charmer. She even wrote a song for him. It’s quite romantic. If you listen closely, you can hear my beautiful voice chiming in, in perfect harmony. The bathroom setting really enhanced our acoustics. Remember folks, this one is 100% copyrighted, and paid for in part by Avon.

And finally, a stroll around Shannon Lake with the pup produced this gem. I’ve never seen that mutt so happy. Also? We sure are purdy!


8 Responses to “Playing tourist”

  1. Sister Says:

    I have a habit of creating songs for my older sister’s pets. i think this is a beaut.

  2. Edith MacDonald Says:

    We will miss having you girls at the Sharkey reunion this year. We will be thinking of you.


  3. Renée Says:

    I LOVE Mission Hill…best wine! Beautiful winery too.

  4. Darcy Says:

    Looks like a great winery! I”m still learning my BC wines but we get plenty of them here in Alberta so I’ll look out for that label. It’s the only major Canadian wine region I haven’t had the chance to explore yet so I must say I’m very jealous.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Well you’re just a hop skip and a jump away these days, Darcy (that is, in comparison!).
      I’d also suggest Summerhill Pyramid Wines. I don’t know if they are easy to find outside of BC, but they make some really tasty ones — including my new favourite, an Ehrenfelser.

    • tuesy Says:

      Quail’s Gate is my favourite Kelowna wine. It’s just down the road from Mission Hill.

  5. Robyn Says:

    DD’s song made me laugh. A lot. Almost as much as the “Shamie’s in the hood” song. Glad you gals had fun!

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