The unexpected

So I’m pretty sure I made a friend last night. And it was totally unexpected.

I left work Friday after a pretty crazy week. We had a murder mystery (minus the murder) ripped straight out of an episode of Bones. We had no charges laid in the first avalanche catastrophe at Revelstoke (this year). I played Radio and TV reporter (to a degree — that’s my voice asking the questions) and mega-researcher.

So lots of overtime.

And I had no fun food at home for supper. So I decided to drop by the pub that’s right by my house to grab some eats. It’s literally a 3 minute walk from my front door but I’ve never been there.

I sat out on the patio — with Shania Twain blasting from the overhead speakers — ordered myself a beer and felt kind of silly as I sat at this GIANT table all by myself drinking a Kokanee and reading a children’s book (I’m making my way through Pullman’s Golden Compass trilogy). The only other people out on the patio was this group of nurses — still in their work scrubs — who are killing themselves laughing, and obviously had the kind of week I had.

After about fifteen minutes and apologizing for being so rowdy, the nurses told me to come sit with them. Normally I would have been too self-conscious or self-deprecating to accept, but I am trying to break out of those destructive habits. After all, I’ve been in this town for 6 months and still don’t really know anyone.

So I accepted. I took the walk of shame over to their table.

And it was the best move I’ve made in months.

My nurses are not nurses. My nurses are housekeepers at the hotel nearby. And they are hilarious. They are friendly. They made my laugh like I’ve not laughed in a very long time.

When I finished my beer and was ready to prematurely take off — to avoid any awkwardness (“they didn’t REALLY want me there, they just took pity on my, I should go”) — I ordered another one. And they all cheered.

I was told from the beginning this town is really hard to crack into. People are really cliquey. I’ve heard others say that basically it’s like Kelownaownians have decided they already have all the people they need. They don’t dislike you, they just don’t really care if you’re added on to their social network.

These girls understood that — and one of them gave me her number, and the two of us went to the dog park after we left the pub.

The pups ran around like the crazy little animals they are… and she and I laughed over having writing notes to our respective boyfriends/twitter feeds that we had “Met a new friend!”

It was so nice.

3 Responses to “The unexpected”

  1. fawn Says:

    Yay Jackie! Way to conquer your inhibitions! That’s wonderful. I know I’d have felt self-conscious about joining in, and making a new friend always feels so good. 😀

    I remember that when I moved to Ottawa people said it was pretty cold. But I found as long as I wasn’t afraid to start conversations, people were just as friendly as anywhere else.

    Do you have the time to join some kind of community or club (I’m thinking theatre or photography, for example). That seems to me the “easiest” way to meet like-minded people to make friends with.

  2. The second date « Serendipity Now Says:

    […] second date I’m going over to my new friend‘s place tonight. For the hockey game — because, as I’m sure you can tell, […]

  3. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Thanks Fawn… this has been a real uphill battle for me, especially since I have been doing so much moving around.

    When I got to university, I had pre-fab friends. Two of my room-mates were basically carbon copies of myself and they’ve become like sisters to me.

    When I moved to Rankin, the social network was basically hammered out for me. And everyone understands what it’s like to be alone.

    I’ve put in a couple calls about drama clubs etc, I just have to decide to make the time now 🙂

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