Can’t go to sleep, can’t stay awake.

I was laying in bed.

Yes it was 5:00pm on a Saturday. Yes I probably should have been doing something far more exciting. But I was up early that morning, had done all the requisite chores and even taken the dog to the beach for an hour or two.

But nonetheless, I was in bed when my cell phone rang. Not my personal cell. My work cell.

And my heart leapt into my throat and I got this sick feeling wash over me.

An avalanche in Revelstoke.

Two dead (at that point, now the number’s at three and will likely keep climbing). I was told to get on the road. I’d meet my colleague from Nelson there.

I drove through the night, and arrived in town at about 11:00pm. We spoke with survivors of the slide at a neighbourhood pub.

We filed through the wee hours of the morning – the eastern newscasts come early over here on the pacific. Losing an hour to daylight savings didn’t help.

Now it’s ten to 7. We’re sitting outside the RCMP station in Revelstoke. They were supposed to hold a press conference at 630. It looks like we’re the only press here.

My colleague is trying to catch five minutes of sleep… And I want to desperately too. Its amazing I’ve not already hit the fuzzy brain brick wall already. But I’m in this weird limbo state where I’m drifting between sleep and wakefulness.

And there’s such a comfy-looking bed back at the hotel.

Oh well. I guess when I do finally get some sleep it’ll be all the more worth it.

But I could really use some toothpicks for my eyelids.


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One Response to “Can’t go to sleep, can’t stay awake.”

  1. Edith MacDonald Says:

    This is obviously one of the horrors of being a news reporter. Bless your heart.

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