Go Fred Schell!

Fred Schell (Nunavut MLA for South Baffin — That’s Cape Dorset and Kimmirut) was on As It Happens tonight.  I know my arctic radar has been on hyper-alert ever since I left.

Which is funny because I NEVER paid attention to anything North before I moved. And “moved” can actually probably include while I was living in Nunavut too.

Anyways, so Fred Schell was on AIH. Talking about the seal ban. And his idea for a really creative  response to the EU’s decision.

The European Union is going to ban seal products? Okay.

Nunavut’s going to ban European Union alcohol products.

I love it.

Now of course, a Nunavut liquor ban probably won’t make a big dent in Smirnoff international alcohol sales (yes, we drink a lot, but not THAT much). But as Schell said, it’s symbolic. And pretty smart, if you ask me.

Also? The country may have gotten a little window into the Nunavut Way near the end of the interview. The host (who was sitting in for Carol Off/Barbara Bud) said that having to have EU liquor specially shipped in by individuals would be a huge inconvenience, when they could just go to the local liquor store and pick up a bottle*. Schell then went into an explanation of how we don’t have liquor stores, we have liquor warehouses. And people from Iqaluit can’t buy from the Iqaluit warehouse. And the people in Rankin can’t buy from the Rankin warehouse.

That must have been startling for some southerners out there.

If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it here: http://podcast.cbc.ca/mp3/asithappens_20100310_28934.mp3

*Wow, that phrase is revealing. I didn’t write a bottle of wine. Or a bottle of beer. Or a bottle of rum, just a bottle.


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