What people don’t know about news ‘stars’

Because, you know, if you want to know you might as well KNOW from one of them — first hand.

I’m very famous and well respected you know.

Yes, yes. I’m hilarious.

So here’s the thing people don’t know about radio and tv “news stars” — and by that I mean the celebro-journalists. Get in close, cuz I’m going to whisper and only say it once.

They. Sit. With. The. Rest. Of. Us.

When people come into our office they are always shocked to find the person who greeted him at the door has a 50-50 per cent chance of being our morning show host. And there’s a 1 in 4 chance she’ll pick up the phone if you call.

And when I was in Vancouver at the end of last week, I walked by Ian Hanomansing’s desk several times a day en route to the CBC boardroom. (Sidenote: one of my various childhood/adolescent ‘claims to fame’ was that my mom went to school with him. Now I can technically call him a ‘colleague’ — weird world)

As I was driving today, it struck me how incredibly democratic that is. How nice it is they aren’t sequestered in fancy corner offices (no, that’s for managers).


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