Therapy dog

A coworker of mine has been adamant recently that kittens should be prescribed to people with depression because they are just so dumb and innocent and goofy, they can’t help but brighten your day.

Well I’ve been allergic to cats since The Beginning Of Time, so I can’t speak to that.

But when I came back from vacation, the woman who was looking after Sully suggested I look into having him be a therapy dog for the elderly or sick kids. She said he’s got the right demeanor, right temperament. Friendly, but not hyper. Obedient and good with strangers and kids.

I was honoured that she’d suggest such a thing. I mean, I’ve seen the way my grandmother has taken to him (she’s recently said she wants to kidnap him — now I have to be wary of dognappers when I take him back home to PEI!) and I know he’s really matured and become soooo much more obedient in the past six months.

But a therapy dog?

And then I had a bad day at work. I was over tired I think, and stressed and had a lot of work to do. And I was having car problems too. I came home — stopped home really, I had to go back to work — and the little bugger was SO happy to see me. I opened up the door to my bedroom and he bounded up on the bed, so excited he was literally bouncing on the bed. Bouncing so hard he lost control and was flung back onto the floor.

And I just burst out laughing.

And I realized: Sully’s ALREADY a therapy dog. I spend many of my evenings by myself (by choice) and often the only time I’ll laugh out loud is when that beast does something goofy or ridiculous.

It’s wild to think a couple years ago I was scared of dogs. Now I can’t imagine living without this one.

(Also? I can’t believe I’ve become the person who only blogs about her pet. Soon I’ll be speaking from his perspective in the first-person using LOLZ spelling and…. oh god. Please let that not happen)


One Response to “Therapy dog”

  1. allmycke Says:

    So, what’s wrong about blogging about your pet, I ask! So often they are more sane than the people you (or I, as it were) have to deal with…

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