Tidbito Time-o

  • I’m in Mexico for those who weren’t on the up and up. I’m here until Saturday, when I begin the trek back home to Kelowna. I’m disgustingly brown and have learned the names of many new alcoholic drinks. Mexico rocks.
  • I got water in my ear today when we were at this eco-water park called Xel-ha (Shell-ha) and it was stuck in my ear ALL DAY. For HOURS. And I finally got it out with what I now believe is the BEST method of removing persistently lodged objects from one’s ear. You can find the whole set of directions here but the general idea is you lay on a bed with your head draped over the end. Form a suction cup with your palm and cup it to your ear. Create a vaccum a couple times between your palm and your ear, and eventually the pressure will suck the water right out. Seriously, I tried EVERYTHING to get this annoying little droplet out of my ear. I was convinced I was going to be permanently deaf in my right ear. And now I’m a happy happy girl because I can hear clearly now, the rain is gone….
  • I have an embarassing fear of heights/jumping/falling. At Xel-ha, there’s this ‘jump off a cliff’ area that’s 14 ft above the water. I was so excited to do it, part of the “challenge yourself Jackie” quest I’m on… Let’s just say it didn’t end with me splashing in the water. I spent a good 20 minutes freaking out over the whole thing, made one of the condiments come up to the top with me before calling it all off and doing the walk of shame back down to the bottom. Some day.
  • I took an amazing photo of a parrot today. I’m amazed with this shot. And I didn’t even do anything to this photo. No crop, no post-production editing etc etc. Mini spy camera just takes photos that are THAT SHARP. I love that little dude.


8 Responses to “Tidbito Time-o”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Of the bird photo, that is. Mexico, so-so.)

  2. Fawn Says:

    Glad you’re having fun, thanks for the ear suction tip, and what kind of camera was that super-spy cam again? 🙂 (GREAT pic!)

  3. Mary T Says:

    wow what great colors

  4. Mike Brown Says:

    Hi from Ch’town, I have a friend Stephanie VanKampen who just started at CBC here, back home. Let me know your facebook contacts and we will see you soon.. Mike, Deb and Alan

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Hi Brown family!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Have to say I’m jealous of Stephanie… I’d love to be working back on the island. But good for her!

  5. Mom Says:

    I think that’s Darren’s sister.

  6. Robyn Says:

    psst… you forgot the part when the condiment who joined you on the cliff (and who has a fear of falling) jumped off the cliff in your place, and consequently had to spend some time crouched on the bottom of the lagoon trying to put her bathing suit top back on. VERY important part of that story.

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