Young at heart?

Want to take a test that will tell you if you are a young’n or an old geezer?

Okay, click “play.” Make sure your speakers are on.

Did you hear anything? I did! And so did the pup, haha. When I played it for the first time, he jumped up from chowing down on his little rawhide bone and stuck his nose as close to my computer speakers as I would tolerate.

This is the same noise those Mosquito devices emit. Apparently it’s only audible to people under the age of 25.  Personally, I really don’t find it THAT annoying (and frankly I’m surprised I could hear it — I always considered my hearing to be kind of shotty)

But people say they work, so who am I to judge?

3 Responses to “Young at heart?”

  1. Megan Says:

    HOLD ON. I hear that. And I failed the other one. The other one says my ears are 40 years old. Are you sure you got the right link?

  2. lemaclean Says:

    I heard it! Makes me feel young, being over 25 and still able to hear it.

  3. caroline Says:

    heard it too ,nop i’m not under 25 !! but the dog didn’t heard a thing ..or just didn’t give a crap about it 😉
    you sure this isn’t just bollocks to make us “older” gals feel younger ?!!

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