What have I done?

As many seasoned bloggers have learned through trial and error, there are some things you just don’t – or try not to – write about because of the ensuing search results that will direct the public to your blog.

Generally speaking, the search topics that draw you dear readers to this here site are pretty harmless. Mostly variations on the blog name, or my name, or where I’ve lived, past/present (obviously, it’s people looking for YOURS TRULY – I’m famous, you know). Nothing all that interesting.

But then there’s this:


Seriously? I should blog more often about terrible television shows. Apparently it’s a real sell.

Though on second thought… it doesn’t really look like it was ME that drew people to the site. Mayhaps it was the half-naked strummy-strumy Hawaiin. After all, my site is the first listing on Google if you search “Akoni” and “Conveyor Belt of Love” (or any variation of the phrase).


4 Responses to “What have I done?”

  1. Megan Says:

    You may recall my old Blogger blog. The one I haven’t posted on in over a year. It gets over a thousand hits every month, almost all from people searching Google for photos of David Hasselhoff.

  2. Acefallus Says:

    This Akoni guy is a gay porn star

  3. Acefallus Says:

    google kekoa Nalu Men Magazine

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