“I’m going to take the conveyor belt of love very seriously”

I started a blog post tearing to shreds this new show on ABC called “Conveyor Belt of Love.” But then I got bored of my own ranting and decided instead to post a synopsis of the show and its first two contestants.

This allows me to both watch the show AND mock it AT THE SAME TIME. I’m multi-tasking, people.

Synopsis: Five insufferably beautiful women in cocktail dresses sit on pedestals (coincidence? I think not) as male specimens are trucked out on a (you guessed it) conveyor belt – much like you’d find at the airport. But instead of playing “let’s find the luggage” these ladies are playing a much more exploitive and RIDICULOUS game. They wave oversized auction paddles with the words “not interested” and “interested” taped to the front and back.

To give you an idea of how this works, observe what happened when the first two guys who were unceremoniously wheeled out on the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt starts. Guy 1 is wheeled out on the stage

(Girl1) “Oh I hope he’s fabulous *giggle*”

We learn his name is ALEX, 25.

(ALEX25) “Oh my god, how am I going to focus? You guys are beautiful. My name is Alex. I’m 25 years old. I still live at home….


(ALEX25) “Wha? Wha??? (as he is slid off-stage by the conveyor)

(Girl5) ” ‘I live with my parents’ is not the first thing you should say to a girl you just met”

(ALEX25) “What-ever” (as he disappears from view)

Guy 2 is wheeled out on stage (music follows him – we see he’s playing a ukulele AND singing – of course)

(All girls) “Oo! Oooo!! OOOOOoooOOO!! *giggle* Oh! Eeee!”

(AKONI23) *singing* “Hey miss, how you doing’ I just wanted you to know I’m in the mooood for looooove” *strummystrumstrum*

(All girls)*Applause* “Oooo! That was fantastic!”

(AKONI23) “Aloha my name is Akoni. I’ve been single for about a year now. So I’m lookin’ for like a solid chick who can sweep me off my feet….”

(Girl3 who looks like she’s from that show Jersey Shore) Akoni, is that a Hawaiian name? Do you surf in Ha-wa-ii? How old are you?

(Girl1) “Take your whole shirt off!” (as compared to half his shirt)



(Girl1 – undressing what’s left of the poor man with her beady little eyes) “I’m interested”

(Girl 2) *waves “not interested” sign*

(Girl 3) “Well I think he’s cute, so I’m interested!”

(Girl 4) “Not interested. I don’t like bare feet”

(Girl 5) “I can’t pick anyone younger than me. I have to be the baby”

NOW BEGINS A VERY SPECIAL PROCESS!!! Because now we have the part of the show – the only and only part of the show – where the GUYS get to be something other than slabs of meat.

If there is ever more than one girl interested in one of the conveyor-belt prospects, there’s a FACE OFF. And the poor guy has to pick between one of his two suitors.

(AKONI23) Whoa, uh, the tables have turned a little bit. So uh, what’s your ideal guy?

(Girl 3) Strong. Silent. Tight, I guess. (My Jersey Shore reference wasn’t that far off it seems…)

(AKONI23) All right. I’m going to take you up on that. What’s your name?

(Girl 3) Dalet. So go to my box over there.

(AKONI23) (to other girl) Sorry.

(Girl 1) That’s alright. There’s like 30 more other guys.

And the process continues. For a full hour.

Other hilights included:

  • A poet with a lisp reciting his plans for milk baths with the ladies (0 dates)
  • Guy in a speedo and his dog that had two personalities (“Princess in the day time, Rambo at night”) (1 DATE!!)
  • Nunchuck rapping dude (0 dates)
  • “First thing you should know about me I like to date in the Cougar Bracket … that’s over 32” (0 dates)
  • The 31 year old balloon-animal-making virgin (1 DATE!)
  • The self-proclaimed Filipino Criss Angel (0 Dates)
  • Native-pride dude out in full-feathers (0 Dates)
  • Pro figure skater/fashion designer most closeted guy ever (0 Dates)

And because I know the above is going to leave you wanting more… the trailer to this true gem of winter premieres. Enjoy!


10 Responses to ““I’m going to take the conveyor belt of love very seriously””

  1. Megan Says:

    Whoa. This is REAL?

    And the woman’s name is “Dalet”?

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Yep, just like the Greek letter/audio editing software.

      And yes, it is 100% real. I think my favourite part of the show though was that at the end, it kind of just cut. It just ended. No gentle close… it was like who ever edited the show just say “aw screw it, no one’s going to watch this crap all the way to the end”

      I can’t wait for next week.

  2. Kara Says:

    And that is why we don’t have satellite!!! What an odd show!

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      LOL — you know what I found though Kara, when I didn’t have cable? I actually watched a lot more television. I would pop in a season of a TV show I liked and just watch it nonstop.
      I find with cable, if there’s nothing on, I’ll just turn the TV off.
      Do you find that?

  3. Kara Says:

    With the boys I rarely get a chance!! They go down at 7:30pm, I clean for a bit, and then I get to veg. The rest of my day is filled up with chasing these monsters ans stealing a minute at the computer when I can.

  4. dee Says:

    Akoni was gorgeous

  5. Nik Aaron Says:

    I thought the show was ok.
    Kara, you’re right though it did abruptly end.

    Did you know that Akoni has posed naked for gay magazines, and Kaiko has her masters degree in finance?

    All these “great” new shows are a way for people try and make it. lol.

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Kaiko puts on a good show of playing dumb, that’s for sure. And is it normal for straight men to pose nekkid in gay magazines? Otherwise I have to wonder why he’d chose THIS show to grab that falling star…

  6. Nik Aaron Says:

    i mean Jackie, sorry…

  7. What have I done? « Serendipity Now Says:

    […] it doesn’t really look like it was ME that drew people to the site. Mayhaps it was the half-naked strummy-strumy Hawaiin. After all, my site is the first listing on Google if you search “Akoni” and […]

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