The weekly loaf

My big Christmas present this year was a breadmaker. Or a “Robot Boulanger.” I think that is a great translation: a robot baker. That’s pretty accurate.

As I write, it’s chugging away, making me some dandy Olive Loaf. I don’t really know if it will turn out or not… I kind of just chopped up some black olives and threw them on top of the regular “french bread” ingredients.

I don’t know why the ‘average’ person gets a breadmaker. They aren’t speedy by any means (one loaf takes about 3.5 hrs). But I generally don’t like ‘regular’ bread — you know, that pre-sliced Wonderbread stuff? Doesn’t really do anything for me lately.

I basically gave up on buying bread when I lived in Rankin, and maybe I lost my taste for it? Who knows. But now I’m back — and “baking” my own… though baking using a breadmaker requires very little manual labour at all… Unless you count digging that little hole into the flour for the yeast. I guess that can be pretty tricky. If you burrow all the way through, you hit water — and that spells disaster for your pretend-artisan-loaf.

I think I’m going to try to make this a tradition. Once a week, I will bake a loaf of bread. That way I have fresh bread all week long.

Man this is a terrible blog post.

Also? If you mistype the word “post” you get spot. Blog post/spot. Blogspot.



6 Responses to “The weekly loaf”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I heart my breadmaker with all my soul. I just started taking the dough, putting it in a bread pan an baking it in the oven. Divine. I am a carb monster since getting a breadmaker. Delicious. Today: Banana bread

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      I hear that’s what long-time breadmaker owners eventually do: switch to baking in-oven. Apparently there’s some shame in that mixer-hole?

      Carb-sistas unite!

  2. Kara Says:

    While I don’t have a breadmaker, I love my kitchen aid that I use to mix up my small batches. Nothing like the smell of bread baking to make a house feel like a home!

  3. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Anything that does work FOR you is A-1 in my book!

  4. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Also? If we can get Kennie to chime in on this one, I’ll have all my rural-Yukon folkies commenting on the same post!

  5. Fawn Says:

    I go through stages of using the breadmachine like crazy and then not using it at all. I do love having fresh bread — and putting it on the timer so that it’s ready first thing in the morning??? *drool*

    Sometimes I bake stuff in the oven, though not often. But how else could you get a baguette or dinner buns? 🙂

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