Tidbit Time!

  • I swear to god, who in their right mind is advertising Christmas-themed naughty costumes for adults? I just saw a local commercial for Wild Things in Kelowna. I’m officially creeped out.
  • I think the dog’s hungry. He’s licking the bricks that frame my fireplace.
  • I recently discovered that one of the girls I lived with in france actually is from BC. And not just any part of BC… she’s from Vernon – a neighbouring town to Kelowna! We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night, and skiing on the weekend. That’s sure to be a gong show.
  • Oh yah, so I’m going skiing this weekend. I got my hands on two free lift passes to Sun Peaks (in Kamloops). I’ve invited Marie, and the two of us will make our merry way out there on Saturday. Chances are I’ll probably die or at least break some major limb while I’m there. Hopefully the damage will be minimal… but seeing as I have only gone skiing once before (and spent most of that time clutching to the T-bar that goes up the Brookvale bunny hill on PEI) I’m not banking on it, haha.
  • The Great Condiment Reunion 2010 is done and booked. The ladies and I haven’t all been in the same place at the same time for … almost 2 years. It was March 2008 the last time we saw one another. This year we’re going exotic: for the second January running I’ll be spending a week in beautiful Mexico! I figure it’s not a bad trade off: if I have to spend Christmas away from my family, I get to spend a week in the tropics sipping margaritas.

4 Responses to “Tidbit Time!”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Um, YAY!!!

    And hope you don’t die!
    (or buy a “Sexy Rudolph” costume…)

  2. Laura Says:

    Oh the good ol’ bunny hill. Hearts to PEI.

  3. Nana Says:

    just a little comment.I am back in Flat River. ALL the furniture has been moved downstairs and re-arranged. A TERRIBLE amount of work. I really appreciate all their efforts.
    Will miss you not being home for Christmas. I am
    away behind all your comments.
    Not much news right now . Thank you for the lovely flowers. they really brightened up my rooms. ie Hospital and Lodge.
    Much love from us both! Nana & Grampie

  4. Edith MacDonald Says:

    Merry Christmas Jackie and may the New Year bring you many new and exciting experiences.

    Cousin Edith MacDonald

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