Sad Santa

So I’m away from home for yet another Christmas.

This makes me very very sad. Especially since both my grandparents have been hospitalized in the past couple of months — and my grandmother is still in hospital as I write this. I haven’t blogged about this. I wasn’t sure what to say. First Grampie with the brain bleeds. Now Nanny has major muscle weakness in her arms and legs. She couldn’t walk for a couple of days.

It’s scary.

But that wasn’t really why I set out to write this post. I actually started writing because I wanted to post a funny photo of my one-and-only Christmas decoration.

Blog-world: meet Sad Santa.

Now sad-Santa isn’t so much boo-hoo sad as he is pathetic sad. He’s lonely, he has no festive-friends. I’ll have to find him some companions before the 25th hits.

But truth be told, it’s a lot easier for me to be ‘bah humbug’ than it is ‘christmas cheer’ when I’m by myself for Christmas. I’ve had two rough Decembers in the past – both months when I’ve had relationships end, leaving me feeling pretty shattered.

My mom is the real core of the festivities and holiday spirit at my house. And for me, the real reason I love Christmas is just the loving atmosphere, the tradition, the food. It doesn’t matter how much people bug you, how much your sister drives you crazy (haha) or your mom nags (joking!) everyone comes together for the holidays.

So in a new town, in a new province, where I only know a handful of people… yah, this year will be hard. But I’m going to have to find a way to balance the nostalgia and the bah-humbug. The only reason I shut down is because it hurts too much to think about everyone back home, and everything I’m missing. So maybe I need to start my own Christmas traditions. Ones that work for when I’m by myself.

Anyone have any suggestions?

4 Responses to “Sad Santa”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    Or maybe you just need to go home for Christmas.

  2. sistah Says:

    Teenagers have been known to skip the hello step and head right upstairs to their room.


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