Dear upstairs neighbour…

Look, I’ve been a really, really REALLY good downstairs neighbour. I’ve grinned and bared (borne? bore?) it as you stomp noisily across your tiny apartment.

I’ve ground my teeth, holding my tongue as your brat runs from corner-to-corner, little toddler toes echoing above me. As my light fixtures shake, and plates clatter.

But tonite my mailbox greeted me with a Bell bill with $60 worth of unexpected charges. And I’m in a pissy mood. And your child is SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF ITS LUNGS. And I don’t know what possessed you to stomp around WHILE IT WAS SCREAMING.

Do you just revel in torturing me, your lowly under-dweller? Why would you do that? Whyyyyy?

I’m about 5 minutes away from stomping upstairs and sweetly telling you how much you are DRIVING ME CRAZY.

Yours forever,

Jackie S. Quire.


6 Responses to “Dear upstairs neighbour…”

  1. Fawn Says:

    I feel for you, Jackie, I really do.

    But I *really* couldn’t help but giggle.

    I think you mean grin and “bear” it, so the past would be grinned and borne it (or bore it, I suppose, hmmm).

    But if you insist on grinning and baring it, well, that *may* just be the very thing to stop EVERYONE in their tracks. 😀

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Oh god… what an idea.
      That would make the poor thing cry LOUDER and I would have scarred it for life I’d say.
      Thanks for the smile!

  2. sistah Says:

    Ask the landlord to put in extra soundproofing due to the noise transmission. Go for a walk. It was only 8:00 pm right? Screaming children don’t cry forever.


  3. Robyn Says:

    Just bring the kid an empty box…. you seemed to like it, right? Maybe it’ll halt the screaming for a few minutes 😛

    (And I want to know which part you were baring too… let’s keep it PG, there’s a young’un involved!)

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