Kind souls warm my heart

So I didn’t have a great day yesterday. And it actually only got worse from there — or at least, more frustrating.

But there are two really good things that happened as a result:

The first is that I realized I’ve not had a colossally bad day in almost a full month. This is amazing. So I guess in a weird way I’m glad Tuesday sucked so bad. Not only did I deal with everything relatively well (for me that means indulging in about 60 seconds of self-pity before sucking it up and snapping back to reality) … But it also made me realize how different I feel about my job and life now.

This is very good.

The second is that I have found a truly kind soul in one of my co-workers. We have a woman who does part-time work for us here in Kamloops. I really didn’t know her before I got here and still have only ever really spoken over the phone. But I called her this evening because I wanted to get the address of a sushi place she’d mentioned to me in a previous phone conversation. She asked about my day and I told her the truth. She completely understood and told me that next time I come into town I’m to spend the night with her family — no more of this driving 5 hours over and back in the same day. And get this: she even told me to bring Sully with me when I come because they’ve got a dog and tons of acreage and they’ll keep an eye on him while I’m working.

No more worrying about if he’s okay. No more 16 hour days. And hopefully no more frustrated tears.

It was just such a relief to have someone reach out to me and offer something so simple. But that means so much to me. And instantly took a load off my heart and mind.

Thanks Shelly 🙂


2 Responses to “Kind souls warm my heart”

  1. Shanlee Says:

    That’s so awesome. For you and Sully! I know when we’ve been away for longer then we should be we worry about the dogs at home.

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Totally. I love having a dog, but it worries me when I have to leave him alone for long periods of time.

    Also, I may-or-may-not have litter-trained the poor guy. This helps ease the guilt haha.

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