Schoenborn tidbits

I probably should resist the urge to write too much about the Schoenborn trial I’m covering (and will be covering).

This isn’t supposed to be a “behind the scenes of the CBC” -type blog. And I don’t want to give the impression that I’m biased in my reporting (even though, as I have said – and will continue to say – that this is MY blog and reflects ME not the MotherCorp).

However, this is the first time I’ve ever covered something like this. Something that contains gruesome details analyzed by someone other than Lennie Briscoe or Temperance Brennan. And so I have a couple thoughts:

  • I now understand how someone like Vincent Li could have gotten away with murder.
  • The degree to which the human mind can go off into the deep end – if not cared for properly – is terrifying.
  • I have managed not to cry yet. Though came close this evening at 930pm after working for 15.5 hours and came face to face with a picture of Kaitlynne Schoenborn. That’s when my knowledge of what happened to this child (not for the squeamish) hit me in the face. And I just felt my heart go out to her, even though she’ll never know. I feel for that child, though I don’t know why.
  • Court reporting is quite possibly the easiest gig there is. You go. You watch. You take notes (in my case, feverishly). You go on morning break. You go on 1.5-hr lunch. You go on afternoon break. You finish at 4:30. Unreal. (Though I should add, during all those breaks I was writing up stories, so it’s not like I actually got the time off… but it’s like designed to make life easy for reporters!)
  • I can’t for the life of me figure out why the CBC would pay for a Canadian Press story when they have their own reporter there on the scene filing every couple of hours with more updates and more information than can had from the CP source. I’m more than a little insulted. Also? Had they of asked I would likely have written up a copy of my radio scripts for the web, no biggie. I’m nice that way.

And now? Bed. I actually almost fell asleep between posting tidbit # 4 and 5. I’m so beat it’s not funny. And of course, the pup is ultra-hyper because I think he slept the whole time I was gone.

One Response to “Schoenborn tidbits”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    “Not criminally responsible” isn’t even close to “getting away with murder”. It means he goes to jail in a psychiatric facility instead of a regular jail. He still gets all the perks of jail, plus, schizophrenic patients are routinely restrained and/or tranquilized when they’re being dangerous. As a bonus, there is no end to his sentence and no possibility of parole. Yes, in theory, if he gets better, he can be released. Just like anyone else who commits a murder. But seeing as schizophrenia is not curable and is not even successfully managed, especially in severe cases, plus the medication has nasty side-effects, it’s very plausible he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail. Additionally, unlike a regular inmate, odds are he’ll be not legally competent either. Oh yeah, plus, he’s schizophrenic, and that alone is bad enough. I’d take jail over schizophrenia any day.

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