Tidbit time!

  • I have a friend who uses the word “peanut” to describe everything that is small. She lives in a tiny apartment: it’s peanut-sized. She’s happy with the size of her little apartment because she TOO is peanut-sized. I find this amusing. I’m going to start describing things based on what legume they resemble.
  • I wonder what happens when you mix two very different types of curry. For example: Thai curry sauce + Indian curry powder. Will it create an Asian-Indian-flavoured taste explosion? Stay tuned to find out more.
  • I have actual plans for Friday. I am going out to a BAR and seeing a BAND. With COWORKERS. This is amazing. I am slowly VERY SLOWLY carving out a social life for myself here. This is a good thing.
  • I have learned I really really really like sushi. It’s not that I HATED sushi pre-Kelowna. I was just very ambivalent about it. Turns out California rolls from a cooler in London aren’t REAL sushi. Shocker, I know. I had sushi in Vancouver pre-Regina Spektor concert. And I had sushi today for lunch (co-worker’s birthday celebration). AND I LOVED IT. I couldn’t get enough. I would have eaten way more than my share if I hadn’t of been paying attention. And there were crunchy bits in two of them… SOOOO GOOD. I’m going to become a sushi connoisseur, I tell you.
  • And a little eye candy of that little rascal of mine (prior to running away on our hike – – aka when he was still on my good side):



2 Responses to “Tidbit time!”

  1. Robyn Says:

    What band are you seeing? I think Ohbijou is playing in Kelowna tonight… if you’re seeing them, they’re great 🙂

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    That’s exactly who I’m going to see!
    Can’t wait!

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