Tea for two?

When I was a kid I was a huge coffee junkie. And by kid, I mean KID. And by coffee junkie I mean I idolized it beyond what normal people would consider reasonable.

You see, coffee was forbidden. And so I fetishized the little brown beans.

I looked forward to going grocery shopping with my mom because odds were she’d hit the hot bevvy aisle and pick up some Swiss Chocolate or Irish Cream coffee, ground to perfection and sealed up in those little chocolate brown bags. I’d guard them in the little kiddy-basket of the shopping cart, sneakily unrolling the little twist-tie tops and breathing in the rich smell when she wasn’t looking.

I loved coffee-flavoured ANYTHING. Ice cream? Check. Candies? Check. Candles? Check, check, check.

I loved coffee. Even though I’d never had a cup.

But when I finally reached an appropriate age, when I could finally DRINK the stuff, I lost interest in a way. I didn’t know how to brew a cup myself. I was a tea girl for the most part. My room-mate and I would have tea parties and without fail we’d drink so much tea around paper-writing time we’d wind up cracked out on the stuff and giggling for hours in wee hours of the morning.

Yah, I’d buy the odd giant cup o’ joe prior to a 3-hour law lecture… but I maintained I never had any interest in learning how to make a decent cup of coffee because there would always be:

A.) someone who could make it for me
B.) places to buy it

And that was true… until I moved up north. And that’s when I began my coffee obsession again. I even wrote an ode to a latte.

But now I’m back on tea. And it kind of snuck up on me. And I found myself writing the following examination of tea vs. coffee:

Here is why tea is better than coffee:
1.) Cheaper (I still haven’t been paid and won’t be for another week…)
2.) Easier to make (no wonder I went years refusing to learn how to make a decent cup: it’s HARD)
3.) Doesn’t make my stomach hate me (’nuff said)
4.) Doesn’t give me gross coffee-breath (after two days of brewing strong coffee to take with me to work I realized I had no friends because my breath was that bad)
5.) I don’t need to keep things like cream around
6.) I can just schooch my desk chair over to the water cooler and use the RED lever and get HOT WATER so I don’t have to remember to bring my caffeinated bevvy of choice to work every morning)

Yah, I fell a bit off the deep end there.

I think in the end, what I’ve decided is that coffee is good as a first drink of the morning. I like to pair it with a glass of OJ (sounds gross, but it’s not like I mix them together…). A nice wakeup.

But tea… tea is just more practical and suits me better through the work day.



7 Responses to “Tea for two?”

  1. Mongoose Says:

    Coffee ice cream is da bomb. It was my favourite as a kid. Easy to find in France, not easy to find in Canada. So that’s one thing I had to have when I went to France this summer.

    Some times you’re like my long-lost baby sister. πŸ™‚

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:


    You’d love the East Coast then. Part of the reason (IMHO) ice cream flavours are sub par here is that there are so few dairies. In the Maritimes, there are easily 4 or 5 producers to pick from, and so more ‘obscure’ flavours (ahem coffee) are easier to come by

  3. Megan Says:

    Michael has been drinking coffee for years. When he was just a little little boy, he noticed that his dad and I had a morning routine and that he was not part of it. We started to give him a splash of coffee in a mug of milk in the morning, and he was thrilled.

    It’s especially funny to watch him slinking around, saying that he needs his coffee. I don’t know where he picks these things up…

  4. Robyn Says:

    I heart that you turned this into a blog post lol.

    But you forgot to mention the part where your other roomie would be rolling her eyes and yelling “GAWD, could you PLEASE stop singing about how you are twins???” πŸ˜›

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