Today? Today I really love my job. Today I came home from work not dead tired and dreading the next morning. Today I came home and immediately slipped on a pair of track pants, donned my favourite hoodie and took the dog for a walk.

This is actually pretty amazing, considering I left the office at about 10:00, drove an hour and a half to a little town by the name of Grindrod in the North Okanagan. I then spent the better part of an hour trying to chase bees out of my hair (curse you Salon Selectives and your sweet-as-nectar hairspray) while simultaneously interviewing beekeepers and local residents. I then booted it back to Kelowna and filed stories for the evening, morning and local AM show.

By all accounts, I should be bushed. And I’m sure I will be(e) once 9:00 rolls around. But today was GOOD. Today I got to LEARN about something new. Today I got to talk to nice people (even though it was in a terrible situation) and today I got to work at my own pace.

And it was great.


One Response to “Buzzing”

  1. Megan Says:

    Loving your job is awesome.

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