Be Lady Gaga for just $1300!

I’ll admit, I’m not the BIGGEST Halloween aficionado. I have only really dressed up once in recent years: last year Good Friend Nat, Porter and I dressed up as Mario, Luigi and the Princess (we were really into wii right around then). We made our own costumes, and the group-aspect was undoubtably half the fun.

Maybe I’m just cheap, maybe I don’t hang around the ‘right’ people, but I just have trouble getting into any event that requires me to spend money on something I will wear for one night and then never ever again. That’s why my overalls for Mario were actually fabric from an old bedsheet and my prom dress was the previous years model and a third the ticket price.

All that’s to say I stared incredulously at this article from the Globe and Mail’s Life section this Saturday.

Seriously? Costumes that cost over $3000?Halloweencostumes 271009 0593

Halloweencostumes 271009 0594

Halloweencostumes 271009 0595

Halloweencostumes 271009 0596

Halloweencostumes 271009 0597

Even the ‘cheapest’ costume they are featuring costs over a hundred bucks!

I would let this slide if it were called something along the lines of “High Fashion Meets Halloween” but the article is written like “just to pick up these $500 vintage Dior Sunglasses to complement your Lady Gaga ensemble!”


You want to know what my costume was for Halloween? I was a sad girl going to bed early wearing her PJs because the Rocky Horror Show event she was going to go to (that was advertised in the Kelowna Capital News) was in fact on Vancouver Island.


One Response to “Be Lady Gaga for just $1300!”

  1. Shanlee Says:

    Well I was a pirate girl for $9.00. We also scored 3 other $9 costumes – my husband was Scorpian from Mortal Combat, a friend was a Chinese Warrior, and his wife was an English Maiden from the 1800’s. So in total $37.80 was spent on 4 costumes. Thank you Giant Tiger and buying at last minute. Of course, there weren’t as many dressed up people in the movie as we thought that there would be – but we did get the spirit award! I think the Globe and Mail is out of touch with reality – but only slightly! 😉

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