Wanted: New layout editor?

Today, I spent a lazy Sunday morning reading the Globe and Mail. This is not a common ritual for me, but may become one (already found a story idea for the week ahead).

But in-between reading about the Olympic torch relay and new X-ray machines at airports… I saw this article (A7):


I skimmed the text, much of it was a recap of the past couple years.

I turned the page, read a story about people dying from some rare disease not getting proper health funding from the province of Ontario… and then came across THIS article (A9):


Now I agree, Andre Picard is a good writer. He’s earned a special place in my heart after paying my Science Journalism class a visit in 4th year.

But was it REALLY necessary to publish his story TWICE IN THE SAME SECTION?

This is what happens when too many jobs are cut.


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  1. Megan Says:


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