Be still, my heart.

I love the show House. I really, truly do. I love the witty banter, I love the science and I love that 3 years ago I had the chance to interview one of the staff writers. That was pretty darn cool.

But one of the downsides of shows like House and ER is they make you a little paranoid. A touch hypochondriac. And for me, a tad concerned that when a real problem comes up everyone will think you’re faking.

There was a time not too long ago when I refused to go to the doctor. At one point, in my final year of university, I slammed the door of our apartment shut on my finger and it hurt SO BAD I couldn’t write or type and it was of course right around final paper and exam time. I refused to see a doctor about it, didn’t want to be a wuss and doctors had for the longest time made me really anxious. Eventually my boyfriend at the time convinced me to go to a clinic. I had fractured the tip of my finger.

My how things have changed.

I had to go to the hospital tonite. Four nights in a new town and I’ve already seen the inside of its ER. I was having some strange heart palpitations/flutters yesterday during the workday. They went away when I got home and thought it was just first-day-of-work jitters. They came back today at work and only got worse when I got home (and today I found WAY less stressful). After trying for hours to get through the 811 number (dial-a-nurse – I didn’t want to go to emergency for something silly) my mom finally coerced me into going to the hospital.

I’m glad I did, but not because we found out what was wrong or anything. Every time they hooked me up to the ECG machine the flutters would lay dormant. It was so frustrating, and of course as I write this I’ve had at least 10 or so palpitations/flutters. But at least they believed me. They took blood to run some tests and referred me to the Electrocardiography department. They’re going to set me up with a little do-dad that will monitor my heart activity for a full 24 hours so at least that way SOMETHING will show up.

Hopefully this is just something minor. It likely is, the doctors/nurses didn’t admit me, so obviously that means something. And when I’m not getting those fluttery waves in my chest I feel fine. It’s just a little un-nerving to have to deal with this when everything is still so new and I don’t really have a support system built up yet.

But I guess that’s what the phone and email are for.


Me goin’ all “white chicks and gang signs” with my hot electrodes and hosptial bracelet. Who says sick ain’t sexy?


9 Responses to “Be still, my heart.”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Awww… your heart’s just a-fluttering at the prospect of seeing me in a couple months!

    For realsies, I hope you’re doing ok… let me know what’s up, you have my number!

  2. Megan Says:

    Thinking of you.

  3. Mary Says:

    You probably need to lose some weight.

  4. Megan Says:

    WTF, seriously.

  5. Tuesy Says:

    I’m sure it is something minor, maybe stress from the new job and cross-country move. Anyway, at least you get to wear some cool electrodes and throw out some gang symbols for the day. Can you incorporate it into a Hallowe’en costume?

  6. Alana Says:

    Hey Jackie,
    So I totally facebook and blog stalk you on a regular basis and I’m so happy things are rolling along for you!

    Also, I totally have the same heart palpitations. I get them all the time, and sometimes for days at a time and it’s kind of freaky. I saw a doctor and wore one of those heart monitors, and they basically said ‘drink less caffeine’. Hopefully, yours are just as benign.

    And yay for a new CBC job. How fab

  7. sistah Says:

    nice duck face

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