Just call me Grissom

I’m amazed I’m even trying to write this post. My brain is SO fried and my thoughts flowing like cold molasses going uphill… but yet here I am. And some how I made it through my first day of work, alive. Which is no small miracle, I’ll tell you.

Let’s just say working news in Kelowna is a liiiitle different than working news in Rankin. And I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, and VERY VERY glad I’m teaming up with the girl who’s been filling in for me this first week.

Today we filed probably 4 or 5 different stories on a 16-year old murder case that finally had a break and a suspect was arrested this weekend. I’ve always dreaded writing my first murder case* and speaking with the family, but this one went remarkably smooth. The family actually WANTED to talk. But then, like I said, they’ve had 16 years to grieve. This was a positive turn for them, I suppose. Then we did a bunch of stories/debriefs and cut tape for the morning shown too.

I got home from work and was just so exhausted I didn’t even have the energy to boil a potato. So I literally threw a piece of salmon on a baking pan without any seasonings or salt or pepper or oil and took Sully out for a mini walk. When I got back, the fish was cooked and I was in a better head space. I was so hungry I didn’t even get out a plate. I tore it apart with my fingers, and somehow mustered up the drive to cook two more ‘courses’ and make it a real meal.

If every day is like today, I don’t know if my love of cooking will survive. But then again, sixteen-year-old cold cases DON’T get solved every day. And I am pretty rusty.

I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things in due time.


Also? The new office has a whole CLOSET of CBC swag. And I do heart me some good swag!


*To be fair, there was one murder in Rankin while I was there, but the charges were dropped


One Response to “Just call me Grissom”

  1. Megan Says:

    I want some of that swag!

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