A first!

Today I completed my very first DYI project. It’s funny, the refurb didn’t take too long, but it’s nothing I ever would have considered doing before. Not just when I lived up north (though admittedly, it would have been more difficult to do, and I probably wouldn’t have bothered) but at no point in my life had I ever considered taking something second-hand and altering it to better suit my tastes.

I wonder what changed?

Certainly a couple how-to blogs have inspired me (see here and here), but maybe it’s out of a desire to make what I have truly MINE. My apartment in Rankin Inlet was fully furnished, and none of it was my style. I’m not entirely sure what my style is yet, but generally it seems to be clean lines, earth-tones (with some burgundy/wine/ and turquoise/blue/sage shades thrown in for good measure) and practicality. I’m not big into knick knacks and I love geometrics and retro patterns. I’m still figuring out how all that will fit in my new place.

Anyways, on to the project.

I was on my way to Penticton today to pick up some coffee/end tables and made my maiden voyage into Westbank proper (three minutes from where I live, but in the opposite direction of where I’d been going thus far). It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon a Salvation Army and decided to take a look at what was in store. The first thing I saw were two magazine racks – something I had been looking for with little success. Both of them ugly as sin, but with potential.

The first one was an easy fix. It just needed a big of cleaning and some new (YOUNGER) fabric.

DYI 191009 0590 copy

When I cut the old fabric off to make the new panels, I found dead bugs in the little folds and endless dust. So gross.

I found the perfect fabric at a little quilt shop in Penticton, and a couple hours watching Corner Gas, talking on the phone and a needle and thread turned that eyesore into… DYI 191009 0591 copy

Now the colour is a little off, but you get the idea. I’m not crazy about the heart cut-outs on the side, but it’s just a magazine rack for my bathroom. And for 4 bucks? I’ll take it.


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