Hello from Kelowna (aka Tidbit time!)

  • Kelowna is exactly what everyone says it is: beautiful. Even though it’s been raining off and on for the past two days, the view from my living room window is breathtaking, and I can even watch the sun rise over the mountains in the morning. Unreal.
  • I’m in love with my apartment. It’s not very big (of course I’m comparing it to the GIANT apartment I had in Rankin) but it’s perfect for the pup and I. It’s a two-bedroom apartment, but less than 800 square feet. But frankly? I need a small-ish place. Too much room and my junk goes everywhere, and it feels like such a burden to clean. The extra bedroom gives a little ‘breathing room’ and after all, it’s really just me most of the time (unless I have visitors HINT HINT). Plus, I couldn’t have asked for a better location. 10 minute drive from work, right across the street from my bank, all the shopping I could ever need within walking distance (even though it’s kind of suburbia-land) and a golf course that I’m allowed to walk the dog on.
  • Everyone is so nice here; both in the building and across the town. I’ve only been here a day or so but yet I have had so many pleasant encounters with people: from the cleaning woman for the complex to the woman I ran into on no less than 7 separate occasions in the grocery store (it became a running joke between us, haha) and even the girl I bought my new La-Z-Boy recliner from (only 300 bucks! I love Kijiji!). Between the two of us, we took the back off the chair, perched the bottom half in the trunk of my car, secured it with a couple bungee cords and a yoga strap and drove hillbilly-style across the city. She even helped me carry it into my apartment. What a sweetheart!
  • Turns out I’ll have at least a bit of internet access over the next week or so after all, while I’m waiting for my own to get hooked up. I’m “borrowing” a wireless signal for the time being. It’s not all that fast, so I’m not sure if I can upload photos of the new place or anything yet (and do you really want to see JUST my recliner sitting in the middle of my living room?) but at least it’s something. I say “borrowing” because I’m being super strict about my internet activity until I get my own connection because I would hate to have my actions push someone over their bandwidth allotment. That’s okay though, I’m used to surviving on 2 gigabytes a month up in Rankin! I’m sure I can do it!

Well, that’s it for now. Plans for this weekend include driving to Penticton and picking up a coffee table/end table set and probably taking Sully to the dog park.

Have a good one…

6 Responses to “Hello from Kelowna (aka Tidbit time!)”

  1. Megan Says:

    I’m really glad things are working out so well for you.

  2. Natalie Says:

    You are going to looove the Okanagan. I moved to Yellowknife from Penticton and I miss it everyday. Just wait until the summer, the beaches are surreal. Then it will be cherry time in July and then peaches… oh sigh. Yum. Try Momo’s in Westbank if you are into sushi and Rebecca at Cream is the best hairstylist in Ktown.

    Enjoy every second. πŸ™‚

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Thanks for the advice Natalie!! Finding a new hairdresser is always tricky in a new place, so at least now I have a place to start!

  3. Karri Says:

    Sounds like a good start! And I would just like to say that I guarantee that my apartment is eight trillion times smaller than yours, and two people live here. You probably have a kitchen. And a bathtub. πŸ˜›

    Glad to hear things are starting off well!!!!

    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      Haha, very true Karri. I do have a real kitchen and a real bathtub. You, on the other hand, probably live in one of those Ikea display-homes… and I’ve always thought those were too cool for life.

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