Tech addict

Unemployment has not been good for my internet addiction. Or my tech-neediness. But it HAS been good for reigning in my gadget-purchasing impulses. I guess having limited spending money will do that to a girl.

But really? I think my attachment to my laptop is getting a bit out of control. It’s come to the point where I feel like I’m missing out on the minutea of everyone’s lives (many of whom I never talk to IRL – In Real Life) if I don’t check my Facebook, and scroll ALLLLLL the way down at least every hour, maybe two hours (with breaks for sleeping, naturally).

And as I type this, I have an instant messaging window open where I’m peer-pressuring one of my friends to join Twitter because:

  1. She has a text-messaging phone
  2. I think she’s witty

WTF is wrong with me?

Three years ago I resisted joining Facebook. I caved, and five months later, swore it was a relationship-killer (in reality, it was my insecurities and jealousies that were the relationship killer, and Facebook just facilitated it all).

When I started the blog, I started using it for posting pictures (and still do), but not much else. If people wrote to me, I replied. That was about it.

Then this spring, I signed up for a texting plan with Bell. I did it when I was leaving for New Orleans, with the idea that it was cheaper to text my parents and tell them I was alive than it was to call. Finally I had a reason for that ridiculously small keypad on my cell phone.

Then I began the search for a tool that would let me import my Facebook status’ to my blog. Because when traveling, I never had enough time to write real blog posts, but found myself with ample material for status updates.

And along came Twitter.

The rest is history. I’m hooked. And for the past 3 months I’ve had nothing better to do than refresh my Twitter page to see what kind of soup people are eating for lunch or where they are stuck in traffic.

I actively participate, but at the same time can’t believe the ridiculousness of it all. I tell myself that my addiction will wane once I am working full-time again, and have better things to do…

But then again, I’m also considering the switch to a Crackberry come November.

So it may just be the beginning, after all.


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