“Nothing to do”

I have a friend who used to complain to no end that there just “wasn’t anything to do on PEI.” I never really agreed with him: for me, there was plenty to do… and I rarely had any qualms about staying at home with the parental units.

Eventually, I realized what he MEANT was that there were never any good bands, never any good shows, that stopped to play PEI.

When I moved to Rankin I learned the TRUE meaning of ‘nothing to do.’ Unless you were willing to make your own fun (like, say, start your own curling club or sit on the couch at someone ELSE’s apartment), life could be pretty dull.

And now with this move to Kelowna on my horizon… I’m just amazed with all the entertainment possibilities on my doorstep.

Case in point: last week I was aimlessly searching around, trying to see if some of the West Coast bands I used to love (Limblifter, New Pornographers) were going to be doing any shows in the near future. Coming up empty-handed, I began to browse the Ticketmaster website just to see what was coming to the area.

Well, when I saw Regina Spektor was performing in Vancouver on November 2nd my GASP was so loud, my mom actually something devastating had happened (lost another apartment, perhaps?).

I quickly made arrangements with my boss in Vancouver to spend the day in the office there (she had wanted me to come down anyways to meet the people I would be working with and speaking to on a daily basis) so I could catch the show that night.

I was thrilled.

Then today as I was perusing Ticketmaster again to see if there was anything else coming our way… I noticed Metric was coming to town! I GASPED again, out of pure pleasure and shock …

Only to see they were performing in Kelowna the SAME night as the Regina Spektor concert.

Oh well. Such is the trouble of living in a place with TOO much to do. What a burden eh?


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