The Great (fire)Wall of China

Hey there social-media converts.

If you are reading this, that includes you.

Unless you are in China. Then you’re likely NOT reading this. Or if you are, you’re doing so through some very back-alley means. And it’s only going to get worse.

I have a good friend currently living (and blogging) in Dalian, China. And the hoops she has to jump through to talk with friends back home… it’s just ridiculous.

To read more, and get a sample of the ever-growing list of banned (innocent!) websites in China (including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger…) check this out.


2 Responses to “The Great (fire)Wall of China”

  1. Fawn Says:

    I have a friend in a similar situation. He used to work for the Canadian Consulate, so he had few problems with Internet access. But now he’s in the private sector and we go months without talking.

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    At least (for her) Skype is still open…

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