Little northern gems

Every now and then I have a little pang of nostalgia for the north. This most often happens when I’m standing in line at the Superstore or Sobey’s, or when I watch people struggle to fit in non-work activities during the work week (banking, dentist and doctor’s appointments come to mind).

But today I had a little “isn’t that just great” moment, when I called the post office in Rankin.

You see, when I moved out of town, I had activated a ‘change of address’ mail transfer. All the mail addressed to my Rankin Inlet address would be forwarded to my parents’ place in PEI for six months. Well we’re three months down, but I’m moving again, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to cancel the old transfer or have two transferrs set up…

And I knew I could call Canada Post and listen to some annoying recorded message and sit on hold for ten minutes… but instead I opted to call my favourite postie (sorry Andrea) Hannah in Rankin Inlet. I was worried at first that she wouldn’t remember me, but as soon as I said my name, her voice lit up with recognition.

She not only remembered me, but where I’m living now etc. And she helped me figure out a solution based on a situation she already knew.

Maybe it’s a small town thing, maybe it’s a  northern thing… but I really value that personal touch when it comes along.

How I miss you, good-friend-Hannah! I hope your counterparts in Kelowna are even half as pleasant and helpful!

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