Apartment drama


Next time I attempt something ridiculous like trying to arrange for an apartment from 6000 kilometers away, KILL ME. Don’t even warn me that you’re going to do it either. Just snuff me out in my sleep. It makes way more sense. No more of this nonsense.

Never. Again.

This is where you go “What? I thought you had everything figured out…” yah well, I did. Or rather, I thought I did. The apartment I had picked, applied for and even transferred the electricity bill for fell through.

One of the girls was offered a promotion. She couldn’t turn it down. That left me with two weeks before I flew to Kelowna and nothing set up, and very little money to play with in the CBC relocation budget. Aaaghragha!

The night I found out, I was sitting in Good Friend Nat’s Cousin’s kitchen in Moncton. I freaked out. And by that I mean cursed a blue streak and then went into ‘action mode.’

You see, when Jackie is presented with a dilemma or crisis, her reaction is to take as much control over the situation as is humanly possible. In this case, that meant drawing up Craigslist and Kijiji listings and finding a suitable replacement apartment, and emailing the property management company (who had already processed my application) to find out if they had any other openings.

The next day I had two offers, both in the same building/complex as the original apartment. One was a 2-bedroom and the other a 1.5 (the half-bedroom being a den or small guest room), the price difference being $60 bucks a month. Both more beautiful than I deserve (2-year-old building, stainless steel appliances, fireplace, washer/dryer included, wood floors, located between a golf course and a winery… see for yourself) and I would have been more than happy with either.

But the two-bedroom was going to be available the 23rd. No week and a half in a hotel. No kennel for Sully. Minimal transition period for both of us. That’s what sealed the deal.

Now of course, monkey-wrenches were thrown into the mix thanks to a totally uncalled for, less-than-flattering reference from my past landlord but when I explained the situation to the property manager, she was very understanding and sent me the rental contract with a gentle reminder that the apartment was to be cleaned before I left.

(Sidebar: past tendencies towards messiness aside: It’s a lot easier to keep an apartment you LOVE clean than one you can’t stand)

I signed the contract, and both addendums and will take possession next Friday.

And a little funny note to cap off all the drama: As I was signing the paperwork for the new apartment, I had to do a double take. One of the entries on one of the forms had the following information filled out:

Date: October 14, 2009
Landlord/Tenant: Sullivan/S. Quire*
Number of pages: 1   Number of additional terms to Addendum: 10

Now for those who aren’t a member of my family, that might all look normal. However, when I first saw the entry “Sullivan/S. Quire” I wondered if the property manager had somehow divined what my dog’s full name was… but then for the life of me couldn’t puzzle out why HIS name would go first on the form.

Then I realized that it was the landlord’s last name (which also happens to be my late grandmother’s maiden name) and my last name. Talk about stunned!

*Not my real last name


2 Responses to “Apartment drama”

  1. Tuesy Says:

    Your new place looks fantastic! As a veteran of several trips to Kelowna and several wine tastings, I can give you the advice to go to Mission Hill only for the spectacular photo opportunities. The wine ain’t that great. For the best wine on that side of the lake head down the street to Quail’s Gate. It’s amazing.

    I hope you have a great move west, and I will sit here jealously wishing that Quail’s Gate was available out here!

  2. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Tuesy!
    I’m actually going to be living right next to Mission Hill and am a bit of an amateur photographer, so if not for the wine, I’ll enjoy the views.
    And I love wine, so I’ll make sure to hit up the other as well 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!!

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