The craft-monster

So I’ve basically got the major things figured out for my move out west. The moving company came back with an estimate for my car + belongings and it’s doable. The only hiccup could be if they go to the high end of their 10% variable. But whatever, I can only control so much.

I also have most of the details on my apartment settled. I’m taking over someone else’s lease, and they are as keen on having me take it as I am to be doing so. That makes the process truck along quite quickly.

I’ve even figured out what tv/phone/internet plan I want. I somehow can get 70 channels (“basic” cable haha), 100GB bandwidth @ 10-14 mbps, basic phone with caller ID and 200 minutes anytime long distance for $85 bucks from Telus. That blows my mind, because internet alone up north was $63.00 (taxes in) so it’s like I’m getting everything else for free.

So with all the details figured out, I find myself with a lack of things to obsess over. And now I’ve turned to decorating/furnishing my apartment. Which of course is absolutely ridiculous because I’ve never bloody seen the place in person, the walls are green and it would be impossible to really know what I want/need ahead of time… but whatever.

I already have the basics. I did have a one-bedroom apartment that I began to furnish in Quebec City. So I have all the big, expensive things: a bed, a desk, a table and chair set, a couch, a chair. All that really remains is the non-necessities. And seeing as I am EXTREMELY BUDGETARILY CONSTRAINED (no sweet clue how I’m going to come up with first months rent and my security/pet deposit that’s the equivilent of another month’s rent) that’s a good thing.

So I’ve done up a pretty extensive ‘want’ list that started out ‘everything Ikea’ and has now slowly morphed into ‘everything I refinish.’

It started out innocently enough. I was playing around on the Ikea website, looking at furniture sets for my bed. One of them was just a headboard. A rectangular headboard, no frame, nothing. And I got to thinking. What I’d reallly like (says me to myself) is a gorgeous accent headboard. I could do that, right?

So I started doing some research. Yes, I can do it myself, and it shouldn’t require much time, money or tools. And I would have something custom-made exactly the way I want.

Then I was looking at furniture on Etsy. And came across this little number:

Isn’t it gorgeous? Well it was made by this woman who takes older furniture and mods them up a bit. Her store on Etsy is here. She also has a blog where she gives step-by-step instructions on how to do these kinds of projects, and links to others who have done similar.

I just … I love this kind of stuff. Ever since I started quilting I’ve developed this passion for fabric and colour (okay, maybe I had the colour addiction before) and I would love to spice up otherwise boring furniture.

Of course, it’s an accent thing. You won’t catch me wall-papering my chest of drawers or fridge… but never before did I consider taking Value Village items and making them my own.

And now it’s all I can think about.

2 Responses to “The craft-monster”

  1. Allison Buchan-Terrell Says:

    I feel your pain. As a student, I have very little money to play with for decorating. But I’ve found there are a ton of great DIY projects on design blogs like Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge.

    I live in a small space so I have to be extra creative and both these blogs have helped inspire me. So far I’ve made my own bulletin boards and a magnetic spice rack.

    But there is also a lot to be said for the slow and steady approach to decorating: Don’t give up on your wishlist – budget it. Instead of trying to get everything at once, make a list of priorities and budget one item per month. Slowly, but surely your apartment will feel more like home and your wallet won’t take a huge hit.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Love, love, love the table….and DIY stuff always looks (and feels) more like home anyways – can’t wait to see how you make out!

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