Roller Coaster

The last couple days have been a mess for me. I’ve been traveling, I’ve been stressing, I’ve been planning and I’ve been calculating.

All these are good things, really. Because it means what I’m NOT doing is laying in bed all day watching television.

But it DOES mean that I’ve been going through a roller coaster of emotions. I’m a control freak and so few of the details have been worked out (because I’m definitely the first re-hire in BC, and certainly one of the first across the country) that I have gone into hyper-planning mode, working out every possible worst-case scenario, “just in case.”

You see, yesterday I picked up my letter of offer from the post office. Inside, I found information about my salary and start date… and the budget set aside for my move. At first glance, I whooped with joy. The amount they were going to give me to move looked HUGE. The letter says that I …

…will be reimbursed for relocation expenses as applicable: a house hunting trip, moving of household effects and transportation and travel accommodation to a maximum of 11k.

But as Kennie would know better than anyone else, a cross-country move isn’t cheap. And when most people say “cross-country” they mean from Ontario to Alberta. And I’m all the way over here in PEI. That’s a big difference.

AAAANYways. My point is that I was freaking out a little because I’m expected to report for work on the 26th of October, and I want to be there a bit ahead of time, to get a little bit ‘acclimatized’ with the place before starting work.

The thing is, it’s probably not possible for me to do it all. I think in the end, I won’t be going on a house-hunting trip, though I really wanted to. I would much rather have my housing settled before I move myself there, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible. But I think that’s okay. I have found an apartment, 10 minute drive from work, absolutely beautiful, between a golf course and a winery, fits my budget, and is pet-friendly. It looks right now like it will work out, I’ve been in contact with them and they are ready to start the paperwork at the end of the week. If this falls in to place, the rest will be much easier, and I won’t worry near as much about the budget factor.

I know that in the end there is a way to make the move on the cheap, but it would involve driving a Uhaul truck from PEI to Kelowna, towing my little green car and 700km a day. I could do it, including gas, food and hotels for about 5 grand, but time is a factor.

At this point, I’m probably way too prepared for my own good, and have made more arrangements than any sane person would ever bother to do, but this is my coping mechanism. When a situation is out of my control (like when other people will be scheduling estimates and booking plane tickets and are a world away) I try and control what I can.

And in this case, maybe that means making the arrangements for a place and doing complex math to figure out if I HAVE TO if I CAN make the move by myself.

Just four weeks away….


7 Responses to “Roller Coaster”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    What you need is a friend that can go with you – make your own Great Canadian Road Trip and take like a week to do it!

    It COULD be a super cool experience that you wouldn’t normally ever do!


    • Jackie S. Quire Says:

      That’s a great idea. And one I may very well do… if the other doesn’t work out. Just got to find someone who’s willing!

  2. Mongoose Says:

    The biggest problem you’re having is bothering to have feelings about it instead of just doing what needs to be done. Actually, I think having feelings about it is the only problem you’re having. Four weeks and $11,000 is more than enough time and money.

  3. Crack Fiend Says:

    Yeah I’m with Mongoose on this one… 11k to move some stuff across the country….the populated part… is more than enough. If you were able to move from nunavut to PEI you can move from PEI to kelowna in a month.

    “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball”


  4. Jackie S. Quire Says:

    Thanks guys, it’s so hard to know having never done a move quite like this before. It’s nice to know it sounds doable to others!

  5. Robyn Says:

    sigh, so you may get to do the cross-country RT that we were supposed to do last summer…. without me 😦

    stupid school getting in the way of everything…

  6. Apartment drama « Serendipity Now Says:

    […] is where you go “What? I thought you had everything figured out…” yah well, I did. Or rather, I thought I did. The apartment I had picked, applied for […]

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