New Beginnings

I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime. In the past three years I’ve lived in five different apartments, in five different cities. I’ve lived in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, France and Nunavut since my childhood, and called 12 bedrooms ‘home.’

But there’s something different about this move. This time, there’s no expiration date on my stay.

In Ottawa, I expected I would leave after university – though I would have been perfectly happy to stay (despite being a ‘government’ town, I quite liked living there, and it helped I had made friends in the area). Quebec City: I also would have loved to stay, but I was on contract. And life as a contract worker for the CBC can be unstable. When I moved to Nunavut, I moved with the intent of staying two years or so and moving on.

So I can’t help but wonder if Kelowna is where I’ll finally put some roots. I sometimes wonder if part of my dissatisfaction with living in Nunavut was the fact that I knew it wasn’t forever. While I did do my best to establish myself in the community, and make myself feel at home… in the end I knew living there was temporary.

But this time things are different. This time I’m emptying my closet in my old room, going through the bags of clothes and schoolwork and toys long forgotten. This time I’m taking my couch and my bed – things I had to leave behind when I went up north.

This is the Real Deal. It’s exciting 🙂

But I can’t help hear dialogue from Pushing Daisies echo through my mind as I write this. The main character, Ned, comes to the revelation that new beginnings can’t arise without something else being sacrificed. Now, in the show, the “new beginning” is a second chance for the deceased, and the sacrifice is the snuffing out of another life.

My new beginning and the sacrifice that’s needed to get there is much less drastic, but I do wonder: what am I giving up this time?


One Response to “New Beginnings”

  1. Robyn Says:

    Man, you and I are pretty much right on par… I’ve lived in 6 cities in the last 3 years, and called 11 bedrooms (plus one living room couch) home.

    I believe we are called Nomads in Training (or something like that).

    Hope this move is more permanent!

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